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Originally Posted by herzogone View Post
a. Buy the Compass tires. They are life-changing tires that totally live up to the hype
b. Keep my existing. Should be good enough for my limited goals and Compass tires on a Trek 820 would be like drag slicks on a stock '71 Pinto.
c. Something else? Perhaps some less-supple wider tires from my LBS for cheaper...
Compass tires are great. But a compromise tire (I'm not familiar with the ones you're running) might be your best bet. Like I run GravelKings sometimes (I don't think they make a 26", though) when I don't feel like ponying up for Compass/Grand Bois -- IIRC my brevet bike is currently wearing one of each, although I need to get some new rubber.

Do you think the tire speed could be the difference between finishing and not, or between having fun and not?

(I'd disagree with Clifford about not swapping for long rides vs commutes -- if you only have one bike and commute on glass-strewn streets, having more serious puncture-proof tires on for commuting makes sense, and the fancy tires should last a long time if you're only swapping them on for the occasional event.)
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