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Originally Posted by antimonysarah View Post
Cool! Good luck, and barring something unexpected, I'll see you there -- I'll be the heavyset woman on the white and blue bike.
Excellent, hopefully see you there! I'll be the slightly overweight bearded white-guy... really defying stereotypes here... if my beard gets a little more gray I'll be obligated to buy a recumbent

Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
I'd dig out your Bridgestone 400, and at least try it out again.

Are you doing any "training rides"? Perhaps a good 50 mile ride or two?

1 flat every 100 miles... so maybe a chance of a flat in your century ride

I always ride prepared for flats (or just about anything), but am probably down to perhaps 1 flat every 500 to 1000 miles or so. Hmmm, I think my only flat this year so far was a flat trailer tire (MOPED)

Watch the tire pressure on the road bike.

Like I said, I've been tending towards Gator Hardshells on my road bikes, but did have one sidewall issue, so perhaps will hunt for my next favorite tire when the current ones I have run out. But, they do generally well with minimizing flats.
Yeah, I'm just too skittish about riding the Bridgestone long distances after so many flats, plus the ride is harsher. I always carry tools, patches, and tubes, but I still don't enjoy having to do it. I intend to do at least one 50ish mile training ride on the Trek, mostly to double-check bike fit, though it is slightly more relaxed fit than my road bike so I'm not too worried. The longest ride I've done was for the Coffeeneuring Challenge a couple years back on the Bridgestone, from Worcester, MA to Middletown, RI, including a chunk of the brevet route. Distance was about 75 miles. Got a puncture flat 1 mile from my destination. Being so close I just walked the bike even though I had tools and spares. It was the right call because as I was unloading I realized I had brought my Presta-valve pump with my Schrader-valve wheels. I think I'm actually in better shape now than I was then. I'm a weightlifter and I've been doing the classic Tabata program on a stationary bike for cardio conditioning over the last few months, in addition to year-round commuting and various shorter recreational rides for several years.
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