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Originally Posted by BillyBob
What is the point of having a GPS cyclocomputer that uses a speed sensor? I can understand having a cadence sensor, but the speed sensor is redunant.

I have a Forerunner 201 and its navigation abilities appears to be similar to the 305. Based on my experience, for navigation, I would rather have a cheap GPS that I could use downloaded maps/routes. The rudimentary navigation in the 201 is great for out and back type things, but not to figure out where you are or where you are going.

Tracking distance with Satellites is not 100% reliable... There will be various spots where the signal will not be accurate. With a GPS... it will just track a straight line from the point it lost the signal to the point it regained the signal; therefore, the distance will be off... With a speed sensor, you will have accurate distance readings incase the signal gets lost... Plus, it is very beneficial for using it on a trainer because the GPS will not track how far you have ridden on a stationary trainer... IMO, the Edge 305 was a well thought out device...

Now only if the battery could last longer than 12 hours...for those hard-core riders... riding doubles...
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