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I enjoyed reading this thread and enjoy this forum because it is supportive of my own habits and makes me feel like i am not alone in them. First of all, being car free where i live is not socially acceptable. Here if you don't own a car you are lazy or poor trash or a druggie or an alcoholic. That may seem harsh but the very best i can hope for is to be considered eccentric and not crazy.

Also, I might be just a little crazy. I saw Steve dahon talking about buying things to counter depression. My problem is anxiety and i try to control my life. I think there are many people living anxious lives in the middle of the cities in America who are cut off from society to varying degrees. As i said, my choices are not the norm and society frowns on that. My car free lifestyle, my low stress job working as a night janitor, all my choices are really about controlling my life.

Another poster asked what philosphers we got our inspiration from and i hate to agree with Bush but put me down for Jesus Christ. Actually since i became a christian i let some of the control go out of my life and turned to God for certain things, sorta letting go and letting God, etc, etc.

I also liked that quote from lost in translation, the more you know about urself and who u are the less you let things bother u, true. I think it's important to try to be a good person and do what you think is right and to live and let live. I love my bicycle for it's simplicity and economy and the beauty of its function.

Ramble on.
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