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RSX STI slow return mech

Hi all,

Assembled, my right side / rear 7-speed RSX STI lever is able to shift up into my climbing cogs. The larger lever however will not return to its starting position. It stays stuck, pointing at the front wheel. Shifting down, itís obvious the pawl is not engaging the gear tooth.

Iíve disassembled and reassembled the brifter several times. It is clean, none of the original grease is present to funk up the mech. I cleaned the mech and re-lubricated with tri-Flo to be safe.

Hereís the rub: the downshifting mech works fine with the lever disassembled. Very well even. Also, there upshift lever springs back into place. Once I reassemble, and in particular, once I reset the headface bolt, I experience the same problem as before, with the downshifting pawl not engaging the gear and the upshifting lever not springing back into position.

Is it possible the lever cover is causing friction on pawls and/or mech? There is what sounds like some scraping going on inside the levers once reassembled. It even used a wire brush on a dremel to polish the inside of the mech cover. No change in function once reassembled.

Thanks for any comments.
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