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Originally Posted by BillyBob

I guess that I am just disappointed. I want downloadable maps, not just trace routes. Trace routes are OK for hiking or running because your range really isn't all that great. However, for cycling, it would be very nice to have robust mapping capability. But I guess this is how Garmin differentiates their training products from their mapping products.

I can feel for ya on that one. But I just don't think it would have been feasible for them to have that all in there anyhow.

For one, the cost of the GPS's with maps to begin with would have driven this unit out of the market.

You also have to look at power needs. These things are basically small computers. The 305 already has to read data from multiple satellites and do all the GPS functions. Plus gather data from the HR, CAD sensor etc. Having it also be able to handle map display etc could have required more powerful hardware, which could have an effect on battery life and other things.

If they had to give something up, this is one I don't mind horribly. I am rarely riding in such unknown places that I absolutely need real time GPS mapping capabilities.

I am also excited. A bit tempered tho. I haven't pre-ordered. I am going to wait and see how all the rest of you like it first.

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