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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
Many of the Presta pumps have reversible heads.

Just pop off the cap, and reverse all the pump guts.

It seems like I end up doing the swap regularly between my own use, helping others, and both bike and trailer tires.
Thanks for the tip, you got me curious so I compared my two pumps (old Zefal HP frame pumps). My Presta valve lacks the rod to depress the pin of the Schrader valve core and the seal is even smaller at the back end so I don't think it will work in my case. Although I could probably swap the guts between the two if one pump wears out first.

Originally Posted by friday1970 View Post
Don't go Kojaks. I have a set for my recumbent, and they are anything but supple. I was pretty surprised how hard of a ride they produced compared to my Primo Comet tires. I have my MTB bike equipped with Rubino Pro Slick 26x1.5 tires, 150TPI, supple as ever, and fast. These would make a perfect 200k randonneur tire if you didn't want to spend the money on Compass tires.
I appreciate the insight on the Kojaks, I'll add the Rubino Pro Slicks to my list, thanks!

Originally Posted by kingston View Post
I use compass extralights on my randonneuring bikes and like them a lot, but I don't use them on any of my other bikes. If you're just going for the 200k and don't have aspirations for the longer distances then use the tires you have and replace them with paselas when they wear out. I have 26x1.75 paselas on my tandem, and it's a good inexpensive tire.
Thanks for your perspective, I'm glad to hear from someone who has used the Compass extralights. I think I will do exactly what you suggested, keep my existing and probably go with the Paselas when they need replacement. I don't really have any longer distance aspirations yet.

Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
I don't think it's worth switching tires for a 200k, unless your current tires are really horrible. I had some Serfas 26" on my commuter that were noticeably draggy, upgrading those was like letting off the brakes. Rolling resistance really starts adding up at the longer distances, 300k+. I'm pretty happy with Gravelkings. I'm hesitant to go lighter than that right now. If I had a flat every 500 miles, I would cry. Changing a flat eats up any time advantage you get from using better tires
Thanks for the input, I have decided to just keep my current tires until I wear them out. They are not bad really, I just was sucked in by the thought of better tires I notice Jan Heine agrees with your advice too from this old blog post: mentioning tires as an upgrade for 300k+. Unfortunately, I don't think Gravel Kings are available for 26" wheels, but I will likely go with Paselas for replacement unless I decide to start doing longer distances.

Everyone, I really appreciate all the feedback I got here, I feel like it saved me from spending more than I was comfortable with for an improvement I don't really yet need. Looking forward to my first brevet!
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