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Thanks for the comments so far.

Clifford, the Motobecane is a 1973 Grand Jubilee with Reynolds 531 tubing. I am aware that a switch to 650B tires might require replacing the current brakes with long reach double pulls, but happily those seem to be reliably available (eBay for vintage, Paul for modern). I was a little worried about the French compatibility thing too but I see that Phil Woods is making BBs for old French bikes, so that's a relief. The headset (original) on the bike has been repacked and regreased. The one other thing I might want to replace is the stem, so that's a consideration but it seems to be relatively easy to convert 22.2mm stems to 22.0.

Are there other reasons though to prefer a recent make bike over this old steed? I ask because I promised my wife that I'd try to get something like an objective view while knowing full well that there might be some bias among randonneurs/euses for old Reynolds frames and French geometries.

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