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Originally Posted by af895

I dream of dropping out and becoming a wandering poet. I still have a student loan to pay off before I can do this (it's with family so while I can't skip on it, I have flexible terms).
Houseboat is a definite dream of mine - I'd love to live in a Great Lakes tugboat or a river barge as they're huge but then, there's money to maintain them I think. (I know little about boats coming from an aviation background)

May I ask, do you live in a warm part of the world?
I can't see living "off the grid" in the arctic - too harsh - but in a warm climate, a houseboat or camper would be workable.

EDIT: I'll echo vrkellys best wishes. Anyone who's checked out of the rat-race has my utmost respect and admiration.
i live in west michigan about a mile from lake michigan. winter in the camper is ok, its got a furnace so i spend about $40 a month on lp gas. i also put it next to my parents house in the winter because most campground's wont let me stay there, plus then my mom dosent worry so much about me. it cool being around house it's amazing how meny people have wireless internet that you can borrow.
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