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Shifter cable super tight...

Ever since I put a new set of handlebars on my Long Haul Trucker, the front derrailleur shifter cable has been super tight. It takes some effort to bring the chain to the top chainring.

I thought at first it was the length of the housing leading from the shifter to the frame - it looked a little short, plus if the chain was on the top ring the housing was notably tight, so much so that it was getting compressed at the ends. So i replaced it with a longer bit, with a more gentle curve from handlebar to frame, also replacing the cable itself. This didn't work. Still super tight.

I looked to see if the cable was routed incorrectly, perhaps "sawing" through something, it wasn't.

I checked to see if the problem lay in the shifter itself, and saw that without a cable/ derrailleur pulling on it, there's no tension.

I checked the derrailleur itself to see if it's got some issue, and it seems fine, the resistance is normal, from what I can tell.

Any suggestions for trouble shooting, or theories as per what might be the problem? I've never had this specific problem before, and I know it wasn't like this when I first got the bike. It's obviously something I did when I switched handlebars / cable / housing, but I can't figure out what that might have been.
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