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Originally Posted by KaisoArt View Post
Pretty much shifts like crap in every direction. Goes too far, sits on the chainring badly for a rotation, etc. It worked fine with the 8-speed chain using the same derailleur and chainrings. And having the shifter in friction should give control? However, I have NO barrel adjuster inline at the moment. I'll rectify that tomorrow. Then l'll try again.
What do you think the shifter has to do with that? It sounds like your FD is way off if the chain isn't even staying on the chainring once shifted. Unless your shifter isn't holding its position and slipping, I can't see how the shifter would cause the chain to move around.

For friction you don't need a barrel adjuster. If you (optionally) want to get rid of all cable slack, set the L stop a little too tight, tighten the cable, then back off the L to where it was.
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