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Originally Posted by Suza View Post
1. Not certain about the ***que frame geometry; will have to try it to see how it feels. Just wondering how it affects performance, especially on hills.
The extremely upright fit definitely affects performance, particularly at high speeds. It doesn't affect hill climbing much except insofar as the bike doesn't like the rider getting out of the saddle, but that's why Roll-series bikes tend to have fairly low sit-and-spin granny gears available.

2. Wider tires - I understand they will have better traction off-road, but will they roll smooth enough on pavement (I know, it's called the "Roll"!).
The Nimbus Sport tire has a tread pattern that's practically slick, so it rolls perfectly smoothly on pavement. It is, however, fairly heavy and slow for a slick. The width isn't the issue so much as everything else about the construction; it's a beefy and cheap tire, not a blazing fast one. That's not unusual for stock tires on hybrids.

3. Will the larger tires eliminate some of the jarring of off-road riding?
Yes, insofar as they allow you to pump the tires squishier. If you're pumping your current tires very stiff, that would be the first place to look for improvement.
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