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The attach method is one of two things, braze-on or clamp-on. Though you can get an adapter clamp that allows you to use a braze-on DR without actually having to braze it on.

All your cables are going to come up from below. Though some actually route the cable over the BB instead of under it. Whether the DR itself changes the direction of the cable before pulling it's own lever, who cares.

What you do care about is that for indexed shifting you get the appropriate shifter and derailleur matched. Obviously indexed 2 spd shifters won't work well with a 3 speed crank. You also have to worry about the amount of cable they pull to make a shift. Some DR's require more cable to be pulled to make a shift. So if mix and matching components it's something to find out. Also, you have to look at chain line. Ideally, the centerline of the front stack of gears when extended should hit at the center of the rear stack of gears. The further you are off from this, the more you might see issues with getting into the lowest or highest gear on the front or back.

As far as you current shifting issue, if this is the original equipment that the bike came with then you likely have some adustment issue or something is worn out. Going for better components might not do anything but wast money if something is out of alignment such as the Rear DR hanger, the front DR is not positioned at the correct height, or your chainline is off too much.

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