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For people looking for excuses to keep from riding, referring to not wanting to use a helmet - if helmet use is mandatory - is one that's fairly accepted.
I still think it's more of an excuse than a firmly held distaste of helmet wear.
I'm always slightly intrigued by people who'll happily wear hats or caps, and still sneer at helmet use.
To me helmet use is about as emotionally charged as washing hands after being to the toilet.
It's what you do if the opportunity is there.
If it isn't, then so be it.
A helmetless ride is probably less likely to cause me trouble than a mid-ride tinkle w/o a wash.
I don't think helmet use has saved my life.
Don't think I'd be riding at all if riding was dangerous enough to make helmet use a significant boost to my survival rate.
But I'm quite convinced that helmet use has saved me from scalp abrasions, lumps and bad headaches.
Maybe even a concussion.
That scale of things is more realistic, and important enough in its own right.
For what they cost me to use, in money and comfort, I'll happily wear them as much as "possible".
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