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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post
I think the spacing was more nebulous back then... a 5-speed bike might be 120-124ish mm, 6-speed required a definite bump up to 126ish, and 7-speed freewheels generally require a little bit more than that in practice.
...this is more or less in keeping with my experience, and I was around.

I still have bikes that are spaced in back anywhere from 120, through 122, 124, and 126.

And it's not unusual to discover older hubs where the OLD either came originally or has been adjusted using spacers to any of those numbers, along with 122 and 125.

I just put back together a 531 framed Legnano with the dropouts set and aligned very nicely at 122, and high flange Campy Record hub in the back to match. It may or may not have come that way originally, but it fits six cogs without interference in that configuration. I think it's probably a narrow freewheel, but I didn't measure it..

Anyway, to your point, I don't recall anyone being real rigid about this. If you needed to re-space something a little bit to make it work, that's what you did. Everything was steel, and if you had the tools it was not a big deal.
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