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Originally Posted by Birota View Post
Also, stable and responsive would be the two words I felt when I test road the 61 and 58 respectively. I just donít want to regret buying a bike that is too big as I get older. I am 50 now.
Hey kiddo, if riding a new adventure bike motivates you to ride more/farther - your strength, endurance and flexibility (on the bike at least) will increase and allow you to enjoy the 61cm frame. (In crude terms the larger frame has a slightly larger sweet-spot, relative to the rider's ideal center of gravity between the wheels on varied terrain.) Conversely, riding more usually helps your bike handling skills, so the 58cm frame is also more enjoyable for its' "nimbleness". Catch22 = ride more, enjoy both aspects - also the reason for N+1.

Which model?
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