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Lack of caliper brakes relying on back pedal pressure only is not ideal. I would at least budget in a front brake setup as additional costs unless he still has them and has just taken them off.

It's a nice bike but Kona's full price is always a bit high for the spec you are getting. I would of thought $300 was more like the going rate but don't know the US market. At $200 he would be doing you a favour.

What year model is it and what steel tubing is it using? Wasn't there a model using Dedacciai italian tubing as well as Reynolds chromoly tubing. If I was guessing the year looking at it I would say 2007 so quite an old bike. I wouldn't normally worry about a steel frame but I think the Dedacciai tubing was weaker than the Reynolds tubing so the age of the bike is a bigger factor if Dedacciai tubing. I personally wouldn't pay $300 for it due to age and missing brakes. However you have to go with your own feelings. If you really want a fixed gear bike and you really like this one and he won't budge on price then its $300 or finding something else.

I bought a Kona Lanai many years ago probably a 2007 model. I thought I got a bargain at half its new price on ebay. When I got it I thought the seller had switched out all the parts for lower quality parts but on checking the spec everything was correct. Such a crap bike both frame and parts. I never took the Kona brand seriously again and look at their bikes on a bike by bike basis. The Lanai was an entry level model for sure but similar brands like GT, Marin and quite a few others were selling much better bikes for the same money. Lanai had twist grip gears, freewheel and low end parts all round. I think the only reason I got it so cheap was the original purchaser had completely rejected the bike and just wanted shot of it. I was happy with the price I paid but it wasn't the bargain I was expecting. Just making the point that you should look exactly at what you are getting and compare that to other similar products you can buy rather than buy purely on the Kona brand. Kona have done many poor and overpriced bikes.
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