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Originally Posted by wschruba View Post
The top-level Madone frames are the ones made in the USA...that's it.

Now, whether or not that's the bike that most people would want, it is the one people will pay for.

Curious where you get your information from, as the site will not load. The [carbon bike] boxes come into the US from Taiwan (Giant).
Well if the site loaded you would see Trek and Canyon images plastered all over the place. I came to find out the information in another forum because I thought Canyon were made by Giant but in fact it was only the aluminium frames that were made by Giant the carbon frames were made by Quest I was told. Sure enough I found the Quest site and the information was clearly there.

Giant carbon frames have become more expensive than some of their competitors so have lost contracts as these brands have gone to cheaper supplier's (Quest, fuji-ta and others). From what I've read Giant and Merida are the top players with regard carbon frame quality. Merida do Specialized frames (they jointly own the Specialized company).

A lot of these past classic US and European brands are simply slapping their brands on Chinese imports with a huge markup. I tend to favour Giant because at least they are an actual manufacturer. They design and make their bikes themselves with high weight limits, generous lifetime warranties and good customer service.

The big bike manufacturer is fuji-ta though. They are huge, approaching 20 million complete bicycles made a year plus a huge OEM business of supplying frames all around Asia, Europe and the US to assembling factories.

You can see many of the brands they manufacture for on their video here but in fact the number of brands is much larger than this. In the US you probably get more complete bikes made by them but in Europe we tend to get more bikes assembled outside China with fuji-ta frames and exported to Europe to avoid EU duties. They only thing they don't do is the very cheap dual suspension mountain bikes and very low end bikes, or if they do do them they are too expensive to sell many to the US and Europe, there are cheaper manufacturers for those. Fuji-ta frames are actually very high quality despite their low price as you can see from the manufacturing processes below. Getting a bike with a fuji-ta frame is a good thing compared to some Asian manufacturers who have more basic facilities.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and other countries are now cheaper for bike manufacturing than China so there is migration to those countries. At the moment the need for high quality certified frames means they still come from China with final assembly of bikes is in those countries but from what I understand a lot more steel frame manufacturing is going on there now and aluminium is likely to follow in the future.
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