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Originally Posted by Suza View Post
As I posted earlier, I visited my LBS today to meet with the owner to decide which bike (Specialized) will be replacing my Crossroads. I went with the idea that my choice was limited to either the Crosstrail or Ariel as I wanted another flat bar hybrid, but with disc brakes, 2x chain ring and good gearing for hills. However, the LBS threw another choice into the mix - a women's Rockhopper (I chose the Pro model) He really didn't feel like the Crosstrail was a good fit for me, and I agreed after trying the Ariel Medium frame. They did not have a women's Rockhopper on the floor, so I had to try the men's M. I'll have to admit I was surprised; the Rockhopper erased my doubts about the suspension fork, with the upgraded (from the Ariel) fork. Both bikes handled nicely, with the Ariel being a bit more snappy and responsive, I think mostly due to the fact that the frame was a better fit. Where the Rockhopper excels, IMO, is in value since for nearly the same $$$$ ($1,150 vs 1,000) it has much better components, lighter frame and wheels, and a much nicer color As I stated in a previous post, I don't care for the grey/pink Ariel Elite. The Rockhopper, though I didn't see it in person, is a beautiful "gloss satin metallic white silver/acid mint/black.

I have full faith in my LBS's opinion that either bike would match my riding, with the Rockhopper having a bit more off-road versatility and a wider range of gears while I can still outfit it with a bit narrower tires for when we ride only on pavement.

Bike is available in the West Coast warehouse, so it should arrive at the shop next week. Hopefully I can get fitted next Saturday. They also ordered me a set of Ergon GP-5 grips and I will upgrade the pedals. I'm going to stick with the stock Myth Sport seat; if I really like it I will upgrade to the much lighter Myth Comp. Not sure, but I might try the Women's Lithia Comp Gel saddle for longer road rides; we'll see how the Myth does for extended riding. If anyone has tried any of these seats, I'd appreciate feedback.

Needless to say, I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas. My regret is that by buying a mountain bike I will be banned from the hybrid bike forum and most certainly the Crosstrail thread. I do want to thank you all for your input and advice; it helped steer me to finding the best bike for me. I feel like a traitor, though . I won't take up space with detailed specs; if you are interested in checking them out here's the link. In a couple of weeks, I will report on what an awesome bike it is (for me anyway).



Getting a new bike is always very exciting and yours looks very nice indeed.
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