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Thanks for tagging me on this one, @juvela. I always forget to look through the appraisals threads...

@Zhaan - you've taken great pics. The problem is that, unfortunately, all the frame details (lug cutouts, bottom bracket cutouts and cable guides, chainstay bridge, etc.) can be found on frames done by different builders, so it would be difficult to pin this frame down with certainty. It also doesn't help that this frame was repainted (or at least looks so to me).

If I had to guess, I'd say that this is a Viner. Something along the lines of these two (one from an eBay listing and one from a thread on

There are some differences between your frame and these two (top tube cable guides, Campagnolo dropouts, for example), but there are enough similarities on which I'm basing my guess (bottom bracket shell's size stamping's location and orientation). I've also seen your top tube cable guides on other Viner frames.

Now as for tubing, there are many experts on here who will provide better info than I can. Assuming the seat tube was not reamed out, 27.2 should hopefully indicate tubing better than Aelle.


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