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Panasonic did not introduce their PICS program until 1988 and it did not have a track model until 1989. By that time the track frame was notably different, particularly in the use of a fastback seat stay arrangement.

A 1978 track model would have used tubular which is 700C equivalent and since these are obvious replacement wheels on the bicycle, 1978 would be a possibility. However, given that the Sugino Super Maxy crankset was OEM in in 1984 and it has a late 1983 code, I think the bicycle is a 1984 model manufactured in mid-1983.

Given the fork's characteristics and the obvious replacement brakes, wheels, saddle and seat post, the fork is also suspect. Besides the different finish, yours has a integral sloping crown, which was typically used on road models. It also appears to exhibits larger down tube to wheel clearance, typical of a road fork. If you remove the fork, there should a date code stamped on the steerer tube. If it is OEM to the frame, I would expect this date to be within a couple months of the frame date.
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