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Originally Posted by RunningPirate View Post
Greetings from the peninsula! I see these at Caltrain Stations over here. So folks can just dump them wherever?
Dump 'em where they want. A woman I know lives on a corner and has had as many as three LimeBikes ditched on her lawn at the same time. She lives close to South Shore in Alameda and the bikes are being ditched in the neighborhoods surrounding the mall and the shoreline. I've seen the bikes as far away as the Fruitvale/High Street area of Oakland.

Imagine how you'd feel if you came home from work one day and saw three bikes lying on your lawn. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be feeling too warm and fuzzy towards bikes or cyclists in general.

As so many other things in life, it only takes a few bad actors to ruin it for the bunch. Unfortunately, WE are part of that bunch when it comes to bike sharing -- whether we agree to it or not. Docked sharing (station-to-station) is FAR more responsible and I support that type of sharing. Dockless can die.

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