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Originally Posted by Doug5150 View Post
The biggest argument against coaster brakes on adult bikes I have is not the drag they have, it's the drag that they don't have--like, when you need to come to a stop very quickly.

...Any other kind of brake setup would be able to stop a lot faster--rim brakes, disk brakes or roller brakes.
I think it depends on the type of riding you do. If you ride fast and there're lots of downhill riding, then a coaster only brake system is not good.

Otherwise, coaster brake gets the job done. On slow ride, I believe I can stop better with coaster brake. My reaction time is significantly faster with my foot, than with my hand. Using the foot is more intuitive for humans--we move and stop moving with our feet. Also, most people's hand strength is weak (some even have arthitus). But most people's leg strength is very strong. I just put back pressure on foot and lift my body out of saddle...there's my full body weight of 150 pounds of pressure on the brake...results in instant locking up the rear tire for good braking distance. A typical person's hand is an order of magnitude weaker.

I would add that a coaster brake without a backup front brake, I am very meticulous about the condition of the coaster brake. I visually inspect chain and wheel, before every ride. And I do regular maintenance, that some would consider OCD. Because my main concern is make sure the chain wouldn't come off or snap.

I know people who never check their bikes, and their bikes are in generally bad condition most of the time.
Without a backup brake for these people, would be a bad idea.

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