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Originally Posted by Doug5150 View Post
Any other kind of brake setup would be able to stop a lot faster--rim brakes, disk brakes or roller brakes.
Not true..a coaster brake is just as effective at stopping the bike as any rear brake. A front brake (regardless of type) is more effective than any rear brake (regardless of type) at stopping the bike.

A $25 Shimano CB110 is about the best coaster brake you can buy.

I have a couple of Shimano CB110 equipped bikes. One is a single speed offroad klunker and another is sort of a lazy "around town" bike. When broken in and adjusted correctly they roll smoothly, efficiently, have good modulation and are perfectly reliable. Messing around with coaster brake bikes can be a lot of fun. I beat the hell out of the coaster brake on my klunker, and have on many occasions cooked the brake on downhills. I haven't gotten it hot enough to experience brake fade, but definately hot enough to burn my fingers. It seems to hold up fine.
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