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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
They're designed in America...which is more important than where it is made.
Taiwan makes very high quality stuff. So does China these days, if you (the designer) pay extra for premium quality control. But I would still be hesitant to purchase a bike made in India, for example, because their industrial infrastructure is still relatively primitive.

Also, a seldom-considered factor in industrial manufacturing, is the EPA. Besides far higher labor wages, it is far more expensive and difficult to manufacture most things in the United States (and Europe) than Asia, because of the strict rules on disposal and remediation of toxic chemicals and byproducts from manufacturing. In China, all that toxic waste is just dumped in the ocean or buried in a landfill. Basically they're making the same mistakes that we did in the United States 50+ years ago. They'll pay for it in the long term, just like we are with hundreds Superfund disaster cleanup sites.

While the end product can be just as high-quality as a bike made in the USA, the sustainability of manufacturing methods is typically not the same.
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