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Originally Posted by SquidPuppet View Post

I have five bikes with CB-E110s. I've converted them to loose ball. They are quiet, smooth, modulate perfectly, and I can lock up the rear with very little effort. That's not to say that locking up a rear brake is an efficient way to stop, because it isn't. But CB-E110s do NOT lack wheel stopping power.

Two of mine are almost twenty years old and have given me zero problems. I don't understand why so many people hate coaster brakes. They work just as well (which is poorly) as any other rear brake.

I get that they are not at the cutting edge of bike tech. However coaster brakes make the operation of the bike so awesomely simple, I get a kind of euphoria riding one, especially on singletrack.

The only reason I can conceive of for disliking coaster brakes is the need to detach the anti-rotation arm from the frame when removing the rear wheel, which can complicate fixing a flat. Otherwise what's not to like?

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