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Originally Posted by NoControl View Post
Wow, Thanks, Rob! I appreciate your chiming in here. I need all of the help I can get. Right now, I am leaning towards milling down the BB to the proper width (I'm thinking 73mm), filling in the threads with brass, then rethreading it to 24 TPI. I may forgo this last step in favor of using some Loctite red threadlocker. Look at it this way - I'll probably never have to change the BB ever again, and if I do, well, I can always go the VO threadless route.
Yeah, I just went the threadless BB route from the start because it seemed the cheapest and easiest of all the options because I didn't have to take it in to the shop for rethreading. And I didn't have to by expensive, Phil Woods, English threaded caps. Taking a hacksaw to my bike was worrisome, but it worked out. I figured I could always go the rethreading route if the VO threadless bottom bracket didn't work, but it worked fine.
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