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Ah, yes, the videos... First of all, my apologies for the amateurish footage. Truth be told i bought a GoPro Hero 6 just before setting off. I had never before done video, off- or on-bike. The trip was a bit of a how-to lab on what works and what doesn't.

To answer your questions, the video 'rig' is a GoPro Hero 6 mounted on the top of my helmet. The mount is not the most solid (it is not the GoPro helmet attachment kit, but rather the one that came with my Bell helmet. I'll post a pic later), and the glue on the back of the velcro attachments came off due to my profuse sweating, but it held up good enough. The electronic stabilization on the GoPro Hero 6 is to account for the relative smoothness. It can be tricky, though, because it can look jerky when it tries to stabilize your turning your head left/right. You'll have to be deliberate and slow with your head turning. I think the smooothness is quite acceptable for a biking. Walking may be another matter, though.

My stills camera on the trip was a Canon EOS M3 with a 22/2 prime lens which i carried in a hip-belt bag. I took several images with the Canon, but virtually none of those have been posted here. My other stills camera, the source of the pics here, was my ASUS cell-phone which i carried on a craddle on the handlebar or in my pocket.

Originally Posted by MovingViolation View Post

Thanks for the excellent posts! Especially the logistical details.

Could you please describe your video rig?

I'm just starting to get into making ride videos and am particularly impressed by the smoothness of the roadworks clip.

Where do you mount your camera?

Is it a GoPro/Similar or cellphone?

Are you using a gimbal, or in-camera digital smoothing?


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