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FD pivots worn out?


Curious about the signs and symptoms of front derailleur pivots being worn out.

I never would've thought it really being a possibility, but I once had a bike mechanic I trusted helping me build up a used bike and he said that was the case with the FD, so I swapped it for one from my parts pool.

Now, on my commuter, I've been having problems where the bike shifts itself into the smallest chainring and when I try and shift it back up it won't stay there. Acts like there is a spring or tension pulling it back down. Sometimes, if I hold the (friction) shifter in place, in the position of the middle or large chainring, it'll stay, sometimes (usually) it won't.

I've tried replacing the cable and housing, because at first I thought the shifter had ingested a bit of rubber band, and that was causing it, but the problem persists with the new cable and housing and a thorough cleaning of the shifter, although I suppose there's a small possibility that there is a bit of rubber hiding in there causing the issue.

Friction shifting, triple, bottom pull. Don't recall the provenance of this particular derailler from my parts pool, but it was used before I started using it, and I've put right about 5,000 miles on it since then. It worked fine for first couple of years of those miles. FWIW, I shift a LOT.

Is there any other possiblity here, or is it just time for a new FD?

Many thanks!
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