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Originally Posted by Hoopdriver View Post
Should be pretty easy to see slop due to worn pivots; however I would think that other reasons are more likely for your issue. Assuming that your shifters are functioning correctly, a FD with worn pivots would still stay where you put it.

I wonder how frequent pivots wear out in FDs anyway. Unless you are set up for half-step shifts (a pattern that I really have learned to appreciate), the FD gets only a small proportion of use compared to the RD.

Try a different shifter to see what happens. Also curious to your reference of rubber bands - I have no idea what this is about. Where would these rubber bands come from?

My Airzoundz horn is mounted right next to the shifter. The horns mount became worn over time and was loose. I was using a rubber band wrapped around it to hold it in place. This rubber band ran around the front of the shifter unit. Sun and weather did a number on it, and it decayed into pieces, one of which appeared to have been ingested by the shifter. Initially I had hoped that this was the issue. Hate to think it's the nice old Suntour shifter failing, but from everyone's responses (THANKS!) it sounds like that's the issue. I've got some lower quality shifters kicking around in the parts boxes somewhere, I'll dig one of them up this week, and give that a try.


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