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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Now we are talking about Three bikes: a Real bike, an “upright,” (whatever that is) and a twisted shrunken mis-shapen monstrosity we will deign to call a "bicycle" out of charity.

Past two Sunday group rides we have encountered an idiot motorist, which makes me think that my reservations about a tadpole trike are still valid.

Both idiot drivers were in vehicles big enough that they wouldn't have been able to see a trike over the hood and fenders ... and both acted with complete disregard for Groups of cyclists they could see clearly.

If I could Only ride on car-free streets I'd get one in a hurry ... or if I moved somewhere where all the drivers cared at least a little about other people on the road.

Since I don't see either thing happening, I will vent my frustration by furiously mocking recumbents.

(Note: Jim from D'uh would have done this much more elegantly.)
"Some people are jerks so I've decided to become one too." Is that what you are trying to say?
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