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Your opinion on this 7 speed customization

I like 7 speed Shimano internal hubs for my type of biking.
Given that, I want to build a Cruiser from a standard 7 speed I can buy for under $180, delivered.
This is the donor: Kent 26" Men's Bay Breeze 7-Speed Cruiser .
In and of itself it looks like a nicely finished alum frame standard cheap commute bike with f & r caliper brakes. My main interest is the alum frame and brakes.
I intend to swap in a Shimano Nexus 7 speed internal hub/F&R SSspoke alum wheel combo [26" same size] and finish with BMX style bars to raise my steering profile up a few more inches. [Never have liked the exaggerated, wide style beach cruiser bars].

In the end, I should have a near customized 'low to no maintenance-light to load into back of my tacoma' cruiser with a nearly sand, water, ocean-air proof drive system. Maybe add a stainless steel chain later and look forward to very looow maintenance beach cruiser, but one that I can do a 10 mile run on without much trauma.

The whole customization will cost $400, provided I do all the work.
Looking around at whats available stock alum bikes w/Nexus 7 speed internal hub-F&R SSspoke alum wheelset, I haven't seen anything under $550, let alone that I like.
My use will be casual 3-10 mile rides at a time x 2-3x/week on beach streets and concrete boardwalks having a fine coat of loose beach fine beach sand. Occasional graded dirt/decomposed granite city maintained bike scenic roadways. I project to get at least 10 years out of this ride before I get tired of it or interested in a future bike.

Your thots.??
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