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Originally Posted by sirkaos View Post
Appreciate your honest and direct answers. You sound like a well seasoned and savvy rider.
It appears that obviously the service frequency needs to be updated. If you are riding in constant wet weather and wet washing the bike with soap and water on top of that?. The results speak for themselves. I might suggest a high fiber moisture proof grease like boat trailer grease. Very sticky but does pretty well in wet climates. Did you have your bike in for any service work during the 9 months? This is an extreme usage case that maintenance frequency needs to be adjusted to match. I assume your LBS has sold several Specialized FS bikes. I am also assuming they are operating in the same climate. They should have taken steps to prevent this level of corrosion as well as having a very detailed and forthcoming conversation with you. I would have consulted with the LBS and Specialized for preventative maintenance to operate a bike in such an extreme climate.
I would immediately do a complete frame strip and look at the bottom bracket, free hub, disk brake calipers, wheel bearings. Everything.
Are you Di2? Then all of the electrical connections should be shrink wrapped. You could use a dielectric compound paste that is like Vaseline for electrical connections. I have some other suggestions but PM me if your interested. Cheers, it can be fixed.
I don't think the climate is so extreme just normal uk weather. I am perhaps an unusual rider in that I have ridden every day except for holidays abroad and Christmas day and the occasional illness. It is not Di2.
When the bike first arrived there was what appeared to be bottom bracket noise. The supplier had it back 3 times and with permission from Specialized fitted Shimano 105 bottom bracket and crank set to replace the original Praxis set. The noise was eventually found to be from the free hub so I have kept my eye on this.
I have checked the bottom bracket, wheel bearings, disc brakes and free hub as part of my normal maintenance but did not expect to have to check the future shock.
The disappointing thing is Specialized have said you stripped it you voided the warranty but it was obviously well and truly failed before I had to strip it.
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