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Originally Posted by onyerleft View Post
Here's my condensed history of Ross bicycles:

"Ross Bicycles provided good value but otherwise were mediocre. That's why they went out of business."

I should know. I owned a Mount Hood that I purchased new. Beautiful to behold (it was solid chrome) but rode like a pig.
I wouldn't paint them with so broad a brush, especially based on your subjective judgement of just one model.

To expand on what the honorable RiddleOfSteel said, they certainly did have at least two master framebuilders in Tom Kellogg and Jim Redcay. They were responsible for the Signature series of roadbikes, and I suspect they had a hand in the design/build of the Aristocrat, Paragon, and Utopian as well. These were all built with Ishiwata tubesets, either 022 or 024, and are widely recognized as high quality bicycles. I know my Aristocrat is one of my favorite rides.

Of course, the Ross bikes that were sold through department stores or as the low-end "economy" models in bike shops certainly were mediocre. On that we can definitely agree.


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