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Originally Posted by MarcusT View Post
paper does not get updated, so they could be out of date and there may be better routes.
Paper maps will tend to be out of date in at least some spots already when you buy them. Buying them from a thrift store means they will be older and more likely to be out of date.

If you are talking about Adventure Cycling maps, there are frequently updated downloadable addenda that allow you to stay more up to date. Also most services you might need are on the maps and contact info for them is included. Since they are strip maps they do not show the big picture very well, but have wonderful detail along the route.

On long tours I pick up a state map at each state. They are often free at a welcome center if you enter the state where there is one. These maps give the bigger picture and are detailed enough for when I decide to go off of a planned route or ACA route.

Originally Posted by MarcusT View Post
Do you not have a smart phone? there are some excellent GPS apps for IOS and Android.
To me using a smart phone in some manner is a no brainer these days. Even if you don't use it for turn by turn directions it allows you to research your route and any local attractions and to stay in touch with home by voice, text, or email, and a host of other things.

Even if you use a paper map (which I usually do), it is nice to do a reality check with google maps.

I tend to leave mine turned off most of the time, but do use it for in town navigation in larger towns and cities. I usually send a text or email home once a day and call every few days.
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