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Originally Posted by andrewclaus View Post
I'm a retrogrouch and am firmly entrenched in paper maps in my cue clip. I don't like traveling with batteries and chargers, looking for places to plug in every time I stop. I do enjoy stopping and asking directions once in a while, and asking for recommendations for places to eat, sleep, etc. You meet some nice people that way, and sometimes even get invitations. Tech removes some of the human aspect of traveling, I think.
Using a GPS or smartphone is not mutually exclusive with meeting people and it is not responsible for removing the "human aspect of traveling." Humans are responsible for removing the human aspect of traveling.

Originally Posted by alcjphil View Post
For a really long distance ride, consider this: A paper map will never stop working because your GPS battery needed to be recharged and your computer or phone died. I currently own a GPS bike computer that I use for many rides. However, if I ride in unfamiliar areas by myself, I am very happy to take a paper map along with me.
Paper maps quit working when they tear or get soaked and soggy. Nothing is infallible.
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