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Originally Posted by Abu Mahendra View Post
Some Dahons, like my Dash and Dash Altena, take 31.6mm. Very long and 31.8mm is unusual.
Not really, just in the Dahon universe. 31.8 is what i.e. the Brompton uses and there are more than 500.000 out there. Seat posts with this diameter are available from Brompton as well as a huge amount of 3rd party suppliers in steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon from cheap to very expensive. 600mm is a standard length on the Brompton - it is called the extended seat-post. You get it in this length from a Brompton-shop in steel or i.e. a cheap titanium or carbon post from China via ebay or a aluminium one with built in rear lights from Lightskin. Or you look at the various Brompton tuning shops on the net if you are willing to spend more money.
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