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Originally Posted by Abu Mahendra View Post
i actually own two Dahons, three Bannards, a FnHon, two custom bambu jobs, and a FSIR, and a Surly is on order so I am not speaking from a Dahon universe. In the universe of bicycles are 31.8mm seatposts rare? What's half a million Bromptons against the wide range of bikes and the common seatpost sizes? On the Chain Reaction, for example, 31.8mm shows one item, a shim. 31.8 is closer to rare than commonplace, and speaks to the more 'specialized' sizes and parts of the Brompton bicycle.
Well, you are the guy that constantly complains about the ignorance of people that do not think of the specialities of indonesia when posting to this forum. Now you do the same thing: Something you don't know must be silly, otherwise you would now it. Just because you do not own something or do not know something that does not mean it would be rare, strange or useless... According to the dictionary:

ADJECTIVErarest, rarer
1(of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often.

‘a rare genetic disorder’
with infinitive ‘it's rare to see a house so little altered’
More example sentencesSynonyms
1.1 (of a thing) not found in large numbers and so of interest or value.
‘one of Britain's rarest birds, the honey buzzard’

I would not consider something "rare" if it exists in 500.000 pieces from Brompton alone plus the numbers from other manufacturers plus the aftermarket brands. It it not a collecter's item - just an ordinary piece of equipment like many others. And there are a lot of bikes or bike parts that are rarer - i.e. probably your Bannard... But does this make it a useless or strange bike? And what are "common seat post sizes"? Who defines them? You?
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