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Originally Posted by Radish_legs View Post
Update on this... I've returned to some trainer work (mostly because of weather). I did weights one day. The trainer work is mostly on the last 2 weekends. In a zwift race, I set new power PRs from 24 to 60min.

Not much to show for results in my crits this year prior to this week. 1 first place in the C, a couple of 4ths. A few top 10s in the B (including 6th two or three times).

Then this week, on Tues I got 3rd in the C bridging up towards the breakaway off the front of the group. And right after got 2nd in the B (my first time ever to podium in the B) when I attempted to bring my teammate to the front and pull on the front for him, like 3/4 lap effort. And then the next day I got 1st in the C on a different course.

I'm not sure I'll ever get results like that again, lol. I think my fitness is still building. And the crit efforts have been difficult and have made me stronger I think. Doing B/C on back to back days.
Are you getting more fit, or are you getting better at reading the race and learning when to make which moves?
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