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Originally Posted by furiousferret View Post
Man, getting out of the 4's seems super easy to everyone else.

This season getting to 3 was my goal, and if that didn't happen I was going to check out. However after the flu, a crash, and taking a month off due to a death in the family I'm still getting out of the hole and unless I go on a run its probably not going to happen this year; it can via the 'participation ribbon' upgrade but I'd like to actually get results that merit an upgrade. (I know some here view those types of upgrades negatively)

I've always been told people upgrade as soon as they can but looking at individual results that's not the case. By all means stick around if you haven't stepped on the top podium, but every year there are dudes in the 4's with 4-6 wins. We have a guy that's probably got 50 points right now.
We have guys in my area that are basically cat 4s for life. For example, some of the guys who race the 35+ 4/5 every year, and regularly do well and have many podiums. But they are certainly not at the level of 40+ racing. That's night and day.

We have many guys in our area that have mandatory upgrade points in a season, and it's never enforced from what I can tell.

The reason I found this thread is I wanted to read a discussion on the pros and cons of upgrade to 3. I think I already know how I'm going to approach it. When I feel like riding in the A crits is a challenge I want to take on, time to upgrade to 3. That will probably be this season.

Of course certain strengths lend themselves to upgrading quicker, for example, having a good sprint in pack finishes. Sprints happen regularly in the 4/5. Much more rare in the 3/4 and 1/2/3, so theoretically you could have a hard time upgrading to 3, but actually excel in racing as a 3 because you have more of a breakaway physiology and mindset. At least I would think.

I have a buddy that they tried to ban from the local C crit as a Cat 5, because of his success this season. He pointed out that he had submitted his upgrade, but it had not been approved yet, and he had only been on the podium once in this particular crit.

Speaking of upgrades, I'm not sure how I feel about the "I'm a cat 1 mountain biker, so I should be allowed to upgrade to 4 after a single crit, and then start racing 3/4." Apparently this is happening in my area. I don't think any of these guys have actually won a 4/5 crit yet.

It's also possible that I may not be allowed to upgrade to 3 because all of my points are from weeknight crits (apparently this happens sometimes as well).
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