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Bikes: recumbent & upright

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Ride upright and recumbent bikes, plus have a Townie 7D as a beach bike.
My partner and I got the Townies as beach bikes, because we didn't want to keep a "good bike" at the beach, well it turns out the Townie has been a pretty good bike for us. It did take a little tweaking to adjust saddle and handle bar position to optimize our ride. My partner likes the stock saddle, on mine I swapped it out for Brooks B68. I also put big apple tires on mine and MKS pedals. Since my leg muscle group is accustom to both upright and recumbent positions, cannot say I have the hill concerns some express about the relaxed position. One thing I don't like is the 7 spd mega range cassette, the jump between two lowest gears is too big, would rather have the 13-34 cassette with more consistent steps. When i wear out the cassette, going to make that change. Farthest I've ridden the bike in one day is around 80 km, this was part rail trail and part pavement. Compared to an upright or true recumbent, Might have been a little slower on the pavement. No difference on the trail, in fact the BA tires seemed to help glide over stuff.
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