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Originally Posted by trekking_TW
I work in Livermore so I have several good lunch rides:
-Del Valle and back
-top of Tesla road and back
-Patterson pass loop
-PP to Flynn Road loop

do you work in Livermore?
Yeah, I work there too. I feel spoiled being across the street from Patterson pass.

If the roads are wet, I'd personally avoid going down the back of Patterson pass. It can get really windy and it's pretty isolated back there. If something happened, it's not the place you'd want to be stranded...but it sounds like you've done it before so you probably already know when I'm talking about. I ride Patterson pass every week rain or shine. Descending the front of it (meaning the side closest to greenville road) isn't too bad even if its windy. You may want to go a tad slower, but it's definitely doable. PP to Flynn is also not a bad one when the weather is bad. I think most of those you mentioned would be ok unless the cross winds were really bad.
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