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Wanna start a co-op

I just moved back to my hometown of Columbus, Georgia and am getting frustrated with the local cycling scene here. The bike shops all only carry bikes starting around $1000. How is anyone going to take cycling as a legit form of transportation if the only half decent bikes available are just as much as you can get a car for here!?! And a brake tune shouldn't cost $50!!! (Also not everyone thinks Lycra looks cool. So it being treated as a necessity is off-putting to say the least. It is in no way safety gear...) So after living in cities like Buffalo, NY, New Orleans, LA and Oakland, CA I would like to try starting a co-op here where people can learn and trade skills and either get bikes very cheap or work trade for them. Does anyone have any advice or experience with getting a bike co-op started without a bike graveyard of my own? There is a constantly expanding bike path here and the college is growing. It would be the perfect time to start something like this if people knew bikes were an AFFORDABLE and SUSTAINABLE option.
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