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I have heard that some people have luck just asking for donations of unused and unwanted bikes, parts and tools. It would help to actually be a legal charity and to be clear about who and how you'd give your rehabbed rides and your assistance to. And you need to be legit about it or risk legal and reputation troubles that will torpedo your co-op. If you're flipping bikes yourself, people are going to be rightly suspicious that you are just trying to get product on the cheap.

I had one guy sell me an old Schwinn sportster for $10 and then brag to me that he had gotten it for free when he ran a bike rehab charity with the local police. Not kosher.

There are always a steady number of young people leaving for college and leaving their bikes behind, and old fuddys like me who will someday too soon reach the point where they cannot ride. Somebody is gonna get some great deals on my 2 decade hoard of bikes, parts and tools. Especially if my wife winds up having to dispose of it, she's over having bikes and boxes everywhere and will probably give it all away.
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