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I have used Garmin vector pedals for several years on our tandem and was happy with them. I just replaced them (after the electronics stopped working) with power tap P1 pedals. I don’t have a lot of results from them yet, but they generally get good reviews. I’d look at dcrainmaker’s website for an in-depth review of them, as well as others. I looked at getting the new Garmin vector 3 but they appear to be off the market for now.

The P1s were easy to install and pair with my wahoo element, without dealing with a torque wrench for installation like my Garmin pedals. Since we travel with our bike that’s one less issue to deal with, too. They have some minor issues with using look cleats, but their cleats are similarly priced. FWIW my look cleats seem to work just fine for now.

if I were looking to save money I’d get the single side pedals, the power tap P1S. There don’t seem to be a lot of drawbacks, but YMMV. Good accuracy and they give you the metrics to train or ride at—I haven’t seen much in the way of training guidance based on power balance between legs.

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