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I had a Tiagra 4601 RD and it worked fine on 50/34 with a Shimano SLX HG81 10 speed 11-34 MTB cassette. I did not try a 11-36. I ended up swapping the Tiagra 4601 RD for a Deore M592 MTB RD because I bent my Tiagra. Put 4000 miles on that combination in the last year. I also have not tried an 11-36 with the M592 but I have no doubt that it would work fine.

So yes, you can almost always use any 7-10 speed road RD or any 7-9 speed MTB RD (like the Deore M591/592) for a 7-10 speed road setup (with some exceptions for shifters and realize Shimano 10 speed MTB is different)
You can use a 9 speed MTB cassette in place of a 9 speed road cassette.

Get the 9 speed 11-36 MTB cassette of your choice and try it with your Tiagra RD. If it is not up to the task with some B screw adjustments, the M591/592 RD is a great reliable option. The main functional difference between the 591 and 592 is the 591 has a build in adjustment barrel, the 592 does not and therefore requires either a frame or an in-line adjuster.

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