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You may want to search forums like mechanics, A&S and Classic and vintage for similar threads.

even as a non profit you will need to think about liability, process, quality etc.

A bike focused non profit I work with does a lot of a) drop in repairs for mostly low income and homeless and b) sells bikes it has donated and uses profits to support other programs.

The have a formal safety check list, including a double check quality control by a second volunteer. Drop in bikes are triaged up front and repairs and most critical repairs are identified and only those repairs done. An unsafe bike is not worked on or if it is discovered in process it is resolved if possible (like the bike that looked like a fixie, but was single speed and no brakes.....brakes were put on before the bike was released.

they also sort and organize parts, tube,tires makes it easier. and simple solutions are put cheap friction thumb shifters on a bike rather than try to spend hours fixing a usually unfixable grip shift

Also a high end board of directors can open lot's of doors.

good luck
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