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Originally Posted by BlazingPedals View Post
So, the 'real bikes' comment isn't a joke, it's a sore point; and putting an emoticon at the end of the post doesn't change that. My sense of humor is as good as anybody's, but sometimes a joke falls flat because it's not funny. Especially after the five hundredth repeat.
You mean like vvv this vvv ?

Originally Posted by rydabent View Post
Instead of saying "real bikes" why not just say 1890 antiques.
No one can respond to genuine inquiry and recommend any type of shorts, shoes, saddles, pedals, physiological disorder, aches, pains, joint issues, frame size, fitting, sleep apnea, PMS, prostate problems, pepperoni vs mushroom pizza, or the situation in Croatia without being told what idiots we are for riding antiquated torture machines and how, "if only you had a brain..."

Oh wait, almost forgot to add...

Still would like to try one sometime, just not on a road.

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