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To further add to this eminently interesting discussion, i work in the machine tool industry (lasers specifically) and can tell you that even if the robotic welder is top notch on paper and was sold to Helix as such, there's always a risk that it does not entirely fulfill the requirements it was bought for. This has to do with not everyone being as good as we think at building machines, then there are the over-zealous or downright disingenuous salesmen and the intrinsically flawed machine designs that can simply never exactly give satisfaction. That being said and on a much more positive note, the mere fact that they have shown the welds and are still having a Robotic TIG Welding engineer in the mix means (to me) that they are leveraging at least to some extent their touted awesome production tool.

Then besides having the adequate machine tool, that's only about 60% of the work. A good 40% of the success of a machining step is down to adequate fixturing. And there's often room for improvement there, stiffness, positioning, ergonomy, repeatability....etc. Fixturing is sometimes and art. If your Robotic TIG Welder engineer expert is already busy and/or does not have the honed skills in fixturing, then it makes more than perfect sense to hire a guy to assist him. An experienced jig maker will always be a powerful element of your team. Besides, having two experienced welders, as RobotGuy aptly points out, is the only way to fully appraise how good the output is and troubleshoot when needed.

Hopefully my experience will resonate with someone here.
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