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Originally Posted by shuyo;20325671[u
Hi, I live in NH currently but in September I'll be moving to Mission Hill in Boston for college. I was wondering if y'all had any insight for getting around the city without dying (besides yknow, wear a helmet, use hand signals, the common sense stuff) and if there are any particularly fun paths or sneaky hill-descent through alley type things around town.
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I'm Meagan and being a bit inexperienced at biking, for now, I do really passionate about it though.

I'd be happy to hang out somehow whenever you are in Boston
I posted this usual reply to @meagann’s recent thread:
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Hi Meagan,

For a nice, friendly Metro Boston hang out on BikeForums, see this thread on the Regional Discussion Forum, “Metro Boston: Good ride today? (link),” started in 2009, with over 7000 replies.

Also, I have posted a Cyclists Guide to Metro Boston (link), with information about road cycling, bikepaths, and taking your bike on the (T) (subway) and Commuter Rail.

By way of introduction, I’’m a decades long lifestyle cyclist…year-round commuting, road cycling and touring.
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BTW, I don’t list my location under my avatar, but it is “D’uh” [in Kenmore Square].

Jim from Boston
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Whenever I see a series of nested quotes, I think "it's Jim from 'Duh' again."
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My experience is that people drive differently in every city and treat cyclists very differently. The best advice often comes from cyclists that live the closest to you

The exception here would also be Jim from Boston--anyone that can successfully commute around Boston has my full respect and probably knows how to deal with about every intersection imaginable!
Sign in Brookline:

PS: To further embellish your (exaggerated view. IMO) of Boston, and for my further safety tips, see this post on the thread,
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Are most avid/experienced cyclists knowledgeable of laws, safety practices?

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